- How it Works -

The simple science behind weight loss is to control calorie consumption and improve calorie burn. Incredio helps you achieve and sustain weight loss with a simple 1-2-3 Plan that helps you EAT RIGHT, DRINK RIGHT and BURN RIGHT

Eat Right
  • Save over 500 calories as compared to a regular meal
  • Stay full for 5 hours
  • Get Nutrition of 27 vitamins & minerals
Drink Right
  • Burn Fat with the goodness of 3 natural extracts
  • Get refreshed instantly
  • Reduce stress and improve wellbeing
Burn Right
  • Keep metabolism active
  • Burn more calories
  • Improve overall health


Each serving of Incredio Shake-A-Meal

How to Use

Take 300ml skimmed milk at normal to cold temperature and add 40g (2 scoops) of Incredio Shake-A-Meal to it. Shake well in a shaker/blender and enjoy the nutritious Shake in place of your regular meal.


How to Use

Mix 5g (1 scoop) of Incredio Refresh Tea mix in 180ml of hot or chilled water. Stir well and enjoy as a refreshing drink and a healthy alternative to tea, coffee, and soft drink


Dr. Lattha Sashi
Member, National Governing Council- AIAARO
INCREDIO SHAKE-A-MEAL is a combination of effective ingredients to provide fullness, energy, and 25 essential vitamins and minerals. Infused with natural fat burning ingredients, INCREDIO REFRESH TEA is an ideal beverage for healthy weight maintenance.
Dr. Suresh Itapu
Director, Food and Agri Consulting Services
INCREDIO SHAKE-A-MEAL is an ideal meal, enriched with high quality protein and fiber blend to help manage optimum calorie intake. INCREDIO REFRESH TEA is a healthy blend of caffeine, antioxidants, and stress relieving vitamins that boost energy and promote weight loss.
Dr. Kavitha Reddy
Director, NutriTech Consulting Services
INCREDIO SHAKE-A-MEAL is a scientifically designed formulation, perfect as a meal replacement to lose and maintain weight. INCREDIO REFRESH TEA is a low calorie and low sugar drink that recharges your body and boosts metabolism.


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Anita Bhan
51 Years

With age my physical activity had decreased, slowly I saw myself gaining weight. I would never consider taking supplements. But Incredio gave me a healthy option to replace meal and regular tea. Since I started I am very happy with the results

Priyanka Aarora
34 Years

Hectic work schedules and travel had made me gain a lot of weight. I was beginning to lose my confidence. But Incredio plan is so easy to follow that I can lose weight without changing my routine too much.

Devesh Shah
23 Years

I have always been skeptical of Weight loss solutions in the market. Regular gym is not my thing and I just couldn?t find a way to shed the kilos. Finally I found a simple solution to lose weight in a healthy way.

Nikhil Sharma
28 Years

I have always struggled with weight. Being a foodie, I can never do diets or manage a strict regime. Incredio 123 Plan helps me stay in shape in an easy way. The delicious Mango flavor is definitely a great help.