Anita Bhan
51 Years

With age my physical activity had decreased, slowly I saw myself gaining weight. I would never consider taking supplements. But Incredio gave me a healthy option to replace meal and regular tea. Since I started I am very happy with the results

Priyanka Aarora
34 Years

Hectic work schedules and travel had made me gain a lot of weight. I was beginning to lose my confidence. But Incredio plan is so easy to follow that I can lose weight without changing my routine too much.

Devesh Shah
23 Years

I have always been skeptical of Weight loss solutions in the market. Regular gym is not my thing and I just couldn?t find a way to shed the kilos. Finally I found a simple solution to lose weight in a healthy way.

Nikhil Sharma
28 Years

I have always struggled with weight. Being a foodie, I can never do diets or manage a strict regime. Incredio 123 Plan helps me stay in shape in an easy way. The delicious Mango flavor is definitely a great help.

24 Years

I like this product because it has all natural ingredients and offer a variety of proteins, vitamins and nutrients unlike a normal meal. Great product, no side effects! Its all natural and inexpensive, no uneasiness, just results.


Prachi Patil
36 Years

I was struggling with weight loss for a while. Then, I tried Incredio Shake-A-Meal, the best meal replacement shake that I have tried so far. It tastes delicious and is a complete meal in itself with no artificial ingredients and keeps me full.  

Rajneesh Kumar
27 Years

I have switched to Incredio from HerbaLife, because it tastes better and costs less. Incredio Shake-A-Meal Taste makes a delicious mango shake in chilled milk and helps in sensible weight loss. For effective results follow the diet advice of the nutritionists. 

Kunal Sajnani
28 Years

I am a regular at gym and I find Incredio Shake-A-Meal, a great meal replacement. It provides high quality proteins, vitamins and minerals to keep me fit and energetic. Most importantly, Incredio tastes delicious, just like a yummy mango shake. 

22 Years

Unlike other weight loss aids, Incredio does not make empty promises. I have lost 2 kilos in a month, without going hungry. Now I feel lighter and energetic. I find Incredio Shake a delicious way to weight loss.

26 Years

I bought the combo of Incredio Shake-A-Meal and Refresh tea at HealthKart few weeks back and the results are encouraging for me. My craving for junk foods has gone down and I have lost weight without going hungry.

34 Years

I have just started using Incredio Shake-A-Meal and Refresh Tea for the last 6 days. It tastes good and I have reduced 1 kg. This is the most amazing product for weight loss and it has changed my life. 

35 Years

Contrary to popular weight loss products, Incredio Shake-A-Meal and Refresh tea deliver results as promised. In one month, I have lost 3 kilos. The mango flavor of Shake-A-Meal is better than the competitors and the honey-lemon flavor of Refresh tea is just perfect!

28 Years

Different from other weight loss solutions, Incredio delivers results as promised. I have lost weight with Incredio Shake. I also like the delicious taste of Incredio and I do not feel hungry at all for 4-5 hours after drinking it. 

Sunny Mongia
29 Years

For the last two weeks, I have been using Incredio Shake-A-Meal and Refresh Tea. In these two weeks I have lost 2 kg without exercising vigorously. I feel much energetic now and I would rate Incredio 5 out of 5.