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Incredio Garcinia with 65% HCA, 60 capsules

Country of origin: indian-flag India

Incredio Garcinia is a blend of natural herbs that may help to curb appetite. Incredio Garcinia comes with the goodness of pure garcinia cambogia fruit extracts, which is also known as Malabar Tamarind in India and South-East Asia. The primary ingredient in Incredio Garcinia is HCA and each capsule contains 65% HCA. HCA helps to block the conversion of spare carbohydrates into fats in the human body. Incredio Garcinia may also help to control appetite and make you feel fullness after having a meal. It may help you to reduce belly fat and control emotional eating.


The recommended serving size is 500-1000 mg or one tablet about an hour before every meal or consume as advised by your healthcare specialist. 
When consumed in liquid form, it is recommended to take 1-2 drops before every meal. The drops are put under the tongue and are let to stay there for about a minute. However, you should ensure the concentration of HCA in each drop so that you consume the recommended dosage of Incredio Garcinia in a day.

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